Saturday, February 21, 2015

Astroturfing, Media Propaganda and Vaccines

If the public can get a handle on how we are being manipulated by public relations firms, government, and the drug companies, then we may be able to regain some of our lost freedoms and preserve the ones we still have. One of our most basic rights is being threatened through the use of propaganda, astroturfing, and controlled opposition. If legislation passes to mandate vaccinations for everyone.... without the right to refuse for medical, religious, or other reasons...then we are absolutely no longer living in a free country. Due to the fact that a law mandating vaccines for everyone is actually being pushed for...this calls for immediate and thorough investigation into the safety and efficacy of vaccines. A person can not have a more basic right than to determine what does or does not go into his body.

You may have noticed by now that the media never lists the many vaccine injuries or deaths that are reported every year. The only brief mention on the news that I have heard on this vital issue is that vaccine reactions, injuries and death are rare....that's all...that's it! How balanced and accurate is that...especially when the fact may be that allergies, autoimmune disease, asthma, cancer, and brain dysfunction are steadily increasing in proportion to the increase in the number of vaccines. The lack of possible correlation being noticed by the public is stunning! The vaccine companies even admit in the package inserts that studies have not been done to see if cancer can be caused by the vaccines! I attribute this non-rational total trust in the non personal corporate entities (government, drug companies and public relations firms) to the advanced methods of mind control being used by these corporate entities.

One of the tactics being used is first to create two sides of the issue..."The Provaxers and the Antivaxers. This keeps the two sides busy attacking each other instead of actually investigating the main issue. Then astroturfers(often people who work for the PR Companies or the drug companies) are hired to either claim they had a child become ill with a specific disease (such as measles) because they came into contact with someone who was not vaccinated or to just rant on and call people who question the safety and efficacy of these vaccines to be dangerous, moronic, idiotic, or hysterical. You will most likely never hear it mentioned on the news that often children have become ill ....for example with the measles....because they either received the measles shot or came into contact with someone who was vaccinated with the live virus measles vaccine. Live virus vaccines shed and as a result vaccinated children and adults can pass on the virus to those they come into contact with. of the main tactics used by astroturfers is to call those who question the propaganda all sorts of names. It's childish really...but people fall for it. For example there was a well known personality ...a doctor...on the news...supposedly sticking up for the rights of those who do not want to inject foreign substances into their bodies by an unnatural route. He said that the people who refuse to be vaccinated are lunatics but that still they should have the right to refuse vaccines. Do you see what he is doing here? He is sending a mixed message that would lead many people to think...well.....if these "antivaxers" are lunatics then maybe they shouldn't have the right to decide for themselves whether or not to be vaccinated....especially if they are endangering others! The fact is...there is a very large and growing movement that is protesting mandated vaccines...not because they are lunatics for questioning authorities, but because they themselves or their children have been seriously injured by vaccines.... and not bringing up this absolute legitimate issue in the media is one of the main tactics of propaganda and astro-turfing. Those who use this technique skirt around the issue and instead divert attention by placing the blame  on those who are questioning and resisting their nefarious goals. Once you understand these tactics of name calling, diverting attention, ignoring the issues, blaming those who oppose your agenda, and hiring people to falsely testify...then you will see these methods being used everywhere keep the public inside the virtual reality bubble. This bubble needs to be burst!

My goal isn't to hope that people believe my opinions on certain vital subjects but that they learn the tactics used.... for themselves they will not be manipulated and possibly harmed as a result. The following video is an excellent short presentation explaining the tactics used by media, government and public relations firms that often leads to more control over the people and is usually not in the best interests of the people.

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