Tuesday, April 14, 2015

They Are Stealing Our Children

Does it really take a village to raise a child or have parents been doing a sufficient job through the ages of teaching, caring and protecting their children? The human race has survived and thrived through thousands of years by living within nature's setup. It's when humans step in and think they can do a better job than nature that problems begin to occur. No human system is perfect. Only nature/God creates perfection midst the larger scheme of things. Those who think we are God/gods must believe that humans possess an all encompassing knowledge or view of creation and that humans understand all the details and interactions within the universe's ecosystem.

Let's just use our modern foods and the food system as an example of what I am trying to share in this article. According to history humans were first hunters and gatherers. They would eat wild berries, roots, nuts, greens, and hunt for wild healthy animals. When the food supply would dwindle in their area they would move to another location where the food supply was fresh and abundant. In the meantime the food supply in the area that they had moved from would gradually replenish. Families or clans raised their own children. All this was done without chemical fertilizers and pesticides and genetically modified food and government interference. It is estimated that the lifespan may have been somewhat shorter but the people had to be reasonably healthy in order to survive. Humans are still around so this system must have worked.

Now let's just take a minute to focus on what humans (who some consider to be gods) have done to the food supply. To begin with the food supply has become basically centralized. Keep in mind that this is what they also want to do with child care. It's a basic fact that whoever owns the food and water supply controls the people. I think it would logically follow that whoever controls the children will control society. The price, quality and availability of our food is controlled through this centralized system. Processed foods make up the bulk of what is made available to us. These devitalized foods are creating low immunity and chronic illness in the population. The quality or rather lack of quality of our food supply is determined by greed and profit...not by what is best for the people.....or society. Propaganda tries to convince us that society has progressed so far and that we are much smarter and more technologically advanced over our hunter and gatherer ancestors. It's true...we do have more technology....but look around the larger scheme of things how has that really benefited humans, animals and the planet? Would God or gods make such a mess of things?

It's been reported by Aaron Russo that Nick Rockefeller claims the Rockefellers and the CIA were responsible for the Women's Liberation Movement....not because they loved and cared about women but so that they could collect taxes from both halves of the family and so that while the women were out working the state could gain more control over the children.  They have created a system where parents don't have enough time to spend with their children to teach them morality, responsibility, kindness towards others, and an ability to question, analyze and reason. Then when the children step out of line or don't conform to Government expectations, they steal the children to medicate and indoctrinate. If mandatory mental health screening ever becomes law...then we will be in big trouble! Our nation will become a pack of mind controlled drugged zombies to do the will of the rich.....a modernized slave state or feudalistic system.

Throughout history if people lived in tribes or clans....they would raise children within their tribal system which was mutually agreed upon by the people within this small enclosed system. Rules and customs concerning marriage, food gathering, food preparation, religious practices, child rearing, etc were created for the benefit of the individual people in the tribe and for the community as a whole. In some cases this small enclosed community or clan some degree... watch over other people's children. There were many different tribes, clans, and villages all over the world. Yes there were wars and disagreements between these different groups of people.....but that is human nature and it's not going to change...unless of course we are all lobotomized, hypnotized, and uploaded into computors. But then.... where is our humanity and ability to learn from life's experiences? Whenever society gets too large.... the rich control the poor. They gain more control, power and money when they have control over the young generations. How do they gain this control? The control over the children begins with what appears to be concern over the children's welfare. Situations will be intentionally created, made up, or exaggerated and focused on to make it seem as if parents are not responsible enough to raise their own children. One of the latest news items concerned the girl who was 17 and wanted to choose natural treatment for cancer over toxic chemotherapy... but was taken away from her parents and forced to take chemotherapy.   In the eyes of nature , this girl is an adult and in a free country where supposedly people still have basic human rights to decide what is done to their bodies, she should have the right to decide her fate....especially when she has her parent's support! Science/medicine is far from perfect and often causes more harm than good. Often death is a direct result of medical how can any thinking person decide that people should be forced to undergo dangerous treatments especially where a cure cannot be guaranteed. That's called experimentation or criminal activity.

I have seen similar situations take place involving Lyme disease. Being able to acquire adequate long term treatment for Chronic Lyme disease is very difficult. In fact certain factions of government and the medical system claim that there is no such thing as Chronic Lyme. Doctors who try to adequately treat this relapsing infection are often chastised and some have lost their licenses to practice medicine. There have been many instances across the country and throughout the world where parents have stood by their children. The parents  know their children and believe that they are really sick so they PUSH to get long term antibiotic treatment. They have seen this treatment work and when it is withdrawn, the child often relapses.  There are many instances where these children have been taken away from their parents and taken off antibiotics or just totally denied  antibiotics all together. The parents then become labeled as having Munchhausen's Syndrome by proxy....which supposedly is a disorder where the parent makes the child sick. The children who are confiscated by the State remain ill, are given another disease label , such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, M.S, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis....etc. Of course no known causes or cures are known or available for these disease LABELS so the child becomes a life long customer of the drug companies and drugged for the many different symptoms that the underlying persistent infection causes.

I could keep going with this post but I think you get the idea. The woman below shares a different type of example of this increasing control of the government over our lives. How can anyone think that governments...which are really corporations....can love and care for children more than the parents? There will always be parents who neglect their children or parents who make poor decisions but the solution is not giving our control over our own the State. One of the solutions should be going back to having one parent at home and styling the economy to provide for this option. The more parents work, the longer and more time the children spend with the State or their indoctrinated peers who influence them in a predetermined or orchestrated manner. The government wants control of our children. Are we going to let this happen? It does not take a Corporation/Govt ( or village as Hilary would call it) to raise a child!


  1. My husband and I have made a lot of sacrifices over the years so that I would be able to be home with our children, and it has definitely been worth it! Our children (homeschooled) have also learned to make sacrifices for the good of the family due to our example. Their behavior is complemented wherever we go and they can hold intelligent conversations with any age group, unlike their peers in public school who only learn to associate with their own age group. Although we are unable to "keep up with the Jones'," our children are more well-adjusted than theirs, so they need to learn to keep up with me, don't you think?

  2. I have totally noticed the differences between the average home schooled child and children who are raised in the "system". As a general rule.....I found home schooled children to be much more that they knew what was really taking place in the world. The children I have met are also well behaved, bright, and they interact with adults very well. I didn't home school but i did work in the school system so I had the same hours as my children and was able to be with them often. They joined a few extra curricular activities but spent a lot of time at home and in their neighborhood. I have also been complimented on our children and am very proud of them as adults. We have been tricked into thinking that women can not be fulfilled unless they have a "career". The economy has been fixed to create this whole scenario where everyone has to work in order to survive. Those in control are continuing to orchestrate society....which includes the new age one world religion....which is why we need to be suspicious of it and to analyze it more deeply. New Age philosophy appeals to the more sensitive people and does offer some truths...however we know from other avenues of social manipulation that the social engineers will use truths and wonderful sounding ideas to suck people in and then lead them off into la la land with the rest of their indoctrination. Thank you for taking the time to raise your children in a way that creates happy well adjusted people who will really have something to contribute to society! I realize that everyone can not do this but just as breast feeding came back into vogue....for the better health of our children....raising our own children can also again become the rational thing to do.


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