Sunday, November 14, 2010


This morning the Connecticut ABC weather report predicited clouds rolling in during the day today. The "contrails" above are spreading out to form thick haze or cloud cover, as you can see in the picture below.The whole sky this morning WAS a completely clear deep blue color. From past observations, I have noticed that two things could happen.......either the "contrails" will spread, cover the sky and blow off to the south.....or the jets will continue to systematically cover the sky with these expanding trails to make thick cloud cover which would last the whole day. Are these the clouds that the weatherman predicited?

One thing that needs to be determined is what the normal air traffic routes are in a given area. It becomes suspicious when air traffic is extremely heavy in a particular section or sections of the sky, until that area is basically covered with contrails and then the planes either stop flying in that area or the contrails stop lingering and spreading when subsequent jets fly through. This morning I did see one jet go by in the same area and altitude and it did not form an expanding contrail. Contrails are suppose to disappear like the wake behind a boat. On days where the atmosphere is more humid the contrails may linger a bit longer but they are not supposed to expand to cover the sky. Many baby boomers know for a fact that everyday contrails never expanded to form cloud cover...until around the 1990s

The explanation below talks about the formation of contrails being similar to our breath forming clouds of moisture in the air on a cold day. Well......our breath never does form a cloud that lingers or that expands. Once the heat from our breath dissipates, the condensation disappears. I believe it is similar when the heat expelled by the jet engines cools off...the contrail should disappear.

The following link gives this explanation for the formation of contrails
How do contrails form?
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A contrail is the condensation trail that is left behind by a passing jet plane. Jet fuel is made of carbon and hydrogen, and when it burns, it combines with oxygen. So most of the exhaust is made of carbon dioxide and water. The water is usually an invisible vapor, unless the temperature, winds and humidity in the upper atmosphere are just right. Then white contrails form when the moisture in the exhaust condenses. It's similar to being able to see your breath when you exhale on cold days. Cold air can't hold as much moisture as warm air, so moisture condenses into a visible cloud. Temperatures at the high altitudes reached by jet planes are usually below -38 degrees Celsius.

For more info and photos on contrails/chemtrails see



  1. Exact same thing happening here this morning just outside Philadelphia...skies were blue but now they are a milky white. At least people are starting to wake up to this, whatever it is..

  2. Thanks for your observations Eduardo. Another thing I forgot to mention is that real contrails do not in the top photo. You can see the top skinny chemtrail is starting to form bumps or drips on the bottom of it. This gets more pronounced and then begins to blow off and spread with the wind...forming the white haze and then cloud cover

  3. I live in Los Angeles, where spraying reared it's head in 1998. I still remember going to purchase Win 98, and stopping to watch the planes making a checkerboard in the sky.

    About 2000, I sat during a weekday near the summit of Mount San Gorgonio, east of L.A., and watched aircraft take off from two different military bases, make their spraying runs, and then head back to the bases. They were spraying at an altitude almost parallel with myself, so it was a rather unique view. I watched for hours, as the same aircraft performed the same spraying missions, from our military airstrips.

  4. That is a very important point to make....that the same jets were flying back and forth and landing and taking off from a military base. This si not normal airtraffic we are talking about

    1. I see this thread had been quiet but the aerosol spraying continues. What we know from scientific analysis reports is very compelling evidence. What is found in air particulate analysis is now being reported in medical studies and analysis from blood and urine. Keep up the good work Marjorie.
      Arizona Sky Watch

      Lenntech URL

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