Monday, November 22, 2010


When we hear about the controversey in the media concerning the naked body scanners, it is always implied and or stated that " everyone agrees that we need to have this new system of surveillance to protect ourselves against "terrorists"...but we only need to modify the surveillance to make everyone happy.  With this statement the controlled media is further implanting the idea and conditioning us to internalize the concept that there is a growing threat to our safety from nebulous outside forces. One of these forces has been labeled Al Qaeda. We are made to think that Al Qaeda is a foreign force that is jealous of our freedoms and therefore wants to destroy us. Financial and intelligence connections often link Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations to the FBI, CIA and other factions of our government which have been infiltrated by a confusing mixture of corporate interests, communistic interests, technocracy, and the goals of the bankster gangsters.The following link illustrates this technique of reinforcing a false premise for the purpose of implementing the nefarious goals of those who control our government and world monetary system.

The whole premise of the naked body scanners and invasive pat the orchestrated event of 9-11. A day or two after 9-11 the President addressed the nation with his dire predicition that the world post 9-11 will never be the same...that we are entering a new era where we are facing an UNENDING war against terrorism. This was a predictive sweeping statement which was intentionally forming the premise for the validity and necessity for future wars, civillian surveillance, our loss of freedoms and the gradual destruction of the United States Constitution.

Look back at  suspicious events...such as the shoe bomber, the underwear bomber, the diaper bomber and the more recent potential bomb escapades. Think carefully about what took place right after all of these events. The latest episode of this "Wag The Dog" plot involved supposed bomb scares which enabled Chertoff and other promote their naked body scanners. I found it extremely obvious that these high tech, invasive and radioactive machines were just sitting there waiting for an opportunity to be marketed and foisted upon freedom loving Americans. It is not far-fetched to imagine that these foiled supposed terrorist attempts were actually orchestrated for the purpose of making millions of dollars and for implementing an increasing amount of control over the people.This sort of plot has happened over and over again throughout history. There is nothing new about these tactics except perhaps the technology involved. Read about Chertoff's connections to this technology.

Listen to Aaron Russo summarize this criminal activity

The main point of this post is to alert people to ALWAYS question the premise of anything. A "premise" is an idea or ideas which future knowledge and actions are based on. The media is being extensively used to manipulate us but it is also being used to throw what they are doing to us....right in our faces. The only problem is that people who do not have the psychopathic personality of lack of conscience and of wanting power and control, cannot imagine that human beings could be capable of such atrocities. As a result they look upon these revealing movies and books as only science fiction.

If you have never watched the movie Wag the Dog (New Line Platinum Series)
I would highly recommend that you either rent or buy it. This is one of those movies that reveals how they choreograph the news. You also may want to read the article.... "Watch How They Choreograph The News"

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  1. I can proudly say to this day I have avoided going through one of these cancer causing, DNA suppressing abominations...


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