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An old article that spoke about Project Bluebeam shared the idea that part of the Bluebeam Project was the "supposed" uncovering of archeological ruins, bones.....whatever(through earthquakes and other natural disasters)....and how these uncoverings or discoveries would reveal "new truths" about the origins of man. This would inevitably lead people to discard religious beliefs that have basically held society together for intermittent segments of time....beliefs or ideals that helped to keep the people sovereign and free.
We are told that all religion has made man we need to free ourselves from religious domination. To some degree it is true that certain religions have used God as an excuse to rule and control the people.It is a fact that rulers have used and manipulated the people to believe that God is on their side in war....or that we need war to protect our right to believe or worship God.However....if one goes directly back to the teachings of Jesus...for example....there is absolutely no teachings that promote war. The teachings of Jesus promote Love, forgiveness and prayer for our enemies.
I have witnessed this kind of prayer as very powerful and absolute. We are made to think that this kind of prayer is giving in to our "enemies" or allowing them to do wrong. And...I think this is one of the aspects where people see religion as perhaps making us docile and subsequently they believe the propaganda that the idea of believing in an infinite all powerful Creator is taking away our freedoms.
History has shown us that whenever there is a trend towards totalitarianism.....the idea of God is undermined. Religions have been banned. This was true...I know specifically ...of Christian Science in Germany. Books were confiscated and churches were closed.However, that did not stop the power of God in the people's lives who turned to God for constant guidance and protection. We are ALL connected to the Divine Intelligence. All we need in order to finely tune into this loving wise intelligence are sincere motives and a desire to know or feel God's presence.
I got a bit a couple main points that I am trying to make is....that faith and trust in God IS Powerful...not wimpy....and this is why "mortal mind", government...etc wants to distort or change our perceptions of what God is.I was just listening to a talk show and the host...Markus Allen..brought up the idea that if you break down the word government into two words, you have "govern" which means to control, manage , steer or pilot...and the suffix "ment" means mind. Put the two together and government can mean to control the mind.I thought that was interesting.
So...when you hear reports of new discoveries...especially during this crucial time period where they are trying to birth this new age civilization.... that supposedly will be some sort of utopia....question any reported discoveries which somehow change history as we now know it. That's not to say that all history is truth but we do know that current media is very strongly and forcefully trying to change our ideals,socieital structure...everything that gives us a sure foundation to stand strong against the wiles of the "devil"or "mortal mind". I don't see evil as an entity or person...but more as "world belief"...or love of the world.
Be watchful and discerning

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