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Whenever we hear predicitions such as the one below, we need to be wary and we need to focus on heavier exposure of related issues. The issues here that need to be focused on are weather warfare, rewilding and manipulation of the masses through propaganda and StarWars technology. Of course no one knows for sure but the article below smells of fear mongering and preparing our conciousness for a disaster that may be manmade. Whenever sweeping predictions below...are made we need to evaluate and not just accept what we hear.

9-11 seems to have been an example of this technique. Several years before 9-11...the and movies...began warning us that it was not a matter of IF but WHEN terrorism would occur on American soil. There were disaster movie scenerios played out day by day on TV. Then lo and behold...just like they predicited...the World Trade Towers were destroyed and of course it was blamed on foreign terrorists. Wow....our politicians must be really smart to have predicted such a huge terrorist act that subsequently is taking many of our rights the name of terrorism.

Is the news article below valid? Is there really such an indication that a NATURAL event(super storm) will occur? this a warning that an orchestrated superstorm will take place in the near future. TPTB are escalating the chaos so we need to definitely take heed as to their warnings....BUT....let's not stop there. We need to investigate these claims more fully and at the same time educate everyone you know about weather warfare. We cannot worry whether or not we will be labeled kooks or terrorists by the government.
In a free society there should be nothing wrong about questioning 9-11...or questioning whether certain shootings have been orchestrated....or questioning whether the article below is totally truthful......unless......they have something to hide

Research weather warfare and see what you come up with.Not only is it possible to create super storms but earthquakes also. Check out the term "tectonic weapons"
A good book to read on this subject would be Weather Warfare

If Quakes Weren’t Enough, Enter the ‘Superstorm’
Published: January 15, 2011

 SACRAMENTO — California faces the risk not just of devastating earthquakes but also of a catastrophic storm that could tear at the coasts, inundate the Central Valley and cause four to five times as much economic damage as a large quake, scientists and emergency planners warn.

 The potential for such a storm was described at a conference of federal and California officials that ended Friday. Combining advanced flood mapping and atmospheric projections with data on California’s geologic flood history, over 100 scientists calculated the probable consequences of a “superstorm” carrying tropical moisture from the South Pacific and dropping up to 10 feet of rain across the state.
“Floods are as much a part of our lives in California as earthquakes are,” said Lucy Jones, the chief scientist for the United States Geological Survey’s multi-hazards initiative, adding, “We are probably not going to be able to handle the biggest ones.”
The geological survey estimates that such a storm could cause up to $300 billion in damage. The scientists’ models estimate that almost one-fourth of the houses in California could experience some flood damage from one.
The conference was convened by the geological survey, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the California Emergency Management Agency to help disaster-response planners draft new strategies to limit the storms’ impact.
Climate scientists have for years noted that the rising temperature of the earth’s atmosphere increases the amount of energy it stores, making more violent and extreme weather events more likely.

Weather Warfare

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