Tuesday, January 18, 2011


 Jessie Ventura's  recent Conspiracy Theory show was about mind control and manchurian candidates. Apparently much of what was brought out seems to be true. But... many of us are asking ourselves.....what's the glitch? Why is mainstream TV allowed to air such shows if it is all truth? That would seem rather self defeating for the elite to rat on themselves. Time Warner owns True TV which is where Ventura's Conspiracy Theory airs.
Is there much more to the story than what was released on this show? Are we all being brainwashed/mind controlled and hypnotized everyday? Does this show take the focus away from how normal ordinary people are being conditioned and manipulated by the very networks that produce shows such as Conspiracy Theory? I have also noticed that The History Channel,The Discovery Channel...etc....have also aired what appears to be truth about weather warfare, The Masons...etc.
There is a reason for this and it is not to help us. Perhaps the solution is not to try and disect the conspiracies too deeply...because that can just make us go around in circles.... but to get the general overall feel for what is going on with each orchestrated disastrous event but then spend the rest of our time seeking God's(Spirit's) presence and guidance. It is evident to many that Chaos Creation is for the purpose of taking our attention and devotion away from what is really important.
The so called "New Age Religion or Spirituality" contains or puts forth ...what I believe....are some age old Truths...but just like with every human backed movement...there is a materialistic agenda.There has to be Truths or real concerns mixed in with the deception in order for us to accept the whole package....hook, line and sinker.
Religions are human inventions....even the "New Age Religion". However, religion often gives mankind a structure, a backbone....a Foundation. Even if I don't agree with with the tenants of certain religions....there are many good and spiritual people who find their strength from these foundations....and progress spiritually from within this framework. TPTB know that in order to have total control of the people that they have to denigrate and destroy these frameworks and bring about their framework wrapped up in fluffy promises.
A few years ago I wrote an article "Defending Ourselves Against Mind Control." I feel that we need to begin to demonstrate where our real source of intelligence comes from. If you haven't already read the article at the link below...hopefully it contains another perspective that may be helpful to you.


  1. TPTB allow for some truths to get out like this because they know two things:

    1) The people that need to wake up the most will not watch these shows. They prefer "Wheel of Fortune".

    2) To the uninitiated, these shows will sow great fear in the minds of the ones who do watch. Fear is one of their great weapons for control.

  2. All in all I find your thinking similar to mine. The only difference is I would not claim the religion is a man made thing. Maybe one can think like this when judging based on Christian and Islamic faith which are very much materialistic oriented to control the masses, but I would never think like this when judging based on the Vedic scriptures.

    Seems to me that the Vedic scriptures stand out here. Religion coming from the Vedic scriptures is the only one which was never forced on others. It was never spread by war.

    Also the knowledge in the Vedas is far more revealing God's existence, His creation and our own eternal spiritual identity. This is my own realization.


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  4. Actually it was made in the right page :)


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