Friday, March 25, 2011


I have been noticing lately how fewer and fewer people are using cash....and even checks. Credit cards seem to be the most accepted way to currently purchase whatever we need. In our not too distant past, credit was almost considered shameful. Now we are being strongly encouraged to stay in debt. Money is becoming literally a virtual entity. Now when I try to buy my groceries with a check, the cashier tells me not to write anything on it, they pass it through the cash register and give it back to me. Checks and cash will soon be a thing of the past. People may think this will be convenient but every aspect of our financial lives will be on computors and can be turned off with the click of a mouse.

Someone sent me one of those emails this morning that are being passed around and that email reminded me of many concerns I have. BOOKS....they are headed for extinction. This may be good for our tree population and Kindles may be easier to hold, BUT we need to look past convenience and try to see how we are entrapping ourselves by accepting new technologies. Think what will happen when there are no more landlines for telephones, no more personal books to read, music will be all electronic and controlled. What about embedded frequencies and Our atmosphere is already a chaotic mix of who knows what!

If all newspapers are online and if all mail is sent through the computors....where is our privacy and where is our independence? We will be totally dependant on whatever is electronically fed to us.Even games are being played on computors instead of outside or around the dining room table.

In the future will we own anything or will it all be a virtual reality? This was once spoken of by futurists but I never expected it to become reality so fast.It's amazing how many people have the potential to be tracked and monitored through their cell phones which are connected to the global positioning system. Doesn't anyone think about this? My friend who worked for Verizon said that there were tracking chips in all of the cell phones. It's no big secret. People don't have to have cell phones and they don't HAVE to have microwaves (double boilers heat food just fine).I wonder if VERIzon is connected with VERIchip? We are being conditioned through fear to think that our infrastructure will crash. Actually this would be a good thing if it did. However, if the elite stay in control, they will have to do so by MAINTAINING this infrastructure of computors and electronics, TV, Cell phones, monitoring chips, etc.They may cause specific local disasters to create fear and chaos but I bet they will do all they can to keep most of us glued to TV, cell phones and computors. In order to do this, basic society has to remain intact

Before we buy these new high tech products and support this emerging system of control, we need to think about what the consequences will be. The PEOPLE perhaps need to form local groups in their towns to discuss some of the ramifications of emerging technologies. This is what a responsible citizenship should do....monitor and have some control and say over what will end up controlling them in the long run.We are all so fractionated and divided from each other. The small town cohesiveness is quickly melting away. Let's save it before its too late. It may be one of the keys to saving our humanity. One of the keys to maintaining our freedom is rejection of current technology. This is NOT a backwards or naive statement. Take the time to look around. Observe people with their cellphones. It's not normal!

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