Saturday, March 26, 2011


I'm sure that many insurance companies are aware of modern weather/tectonic warfare capabilities.Because the survival of insurance corporations depend on there being as few disasters as possible why isn't the insurance industry speaking out? Prevention of disasters and sickness SHOULD be of prime concern to insurance companies.You would think that the insurance investigators hired by these companies would be able to discern that many of our so called recent natural disasters...are anything but natural. Do the oil spills, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc have more to do with modern energy wars? Are the oil industry, the IMF, insurance companies and other entities all connected somehow?

What I am about to suggest may be unpopular but it must be at least considered. It could very well be that the nuclear power plant in Japan is truly experiencing radiation meltdown problems.....however, it could also be that the problem has been orchestrated or exaggerated for the purpose of the oil industry gaining more power and control. We are hearing reports of radiation in the water...etc. If Japan's disaster was artificially created through tectonic warfare, then it would probably follow that those who perpetrated the act would not purposely try to contaminate an area of the world which they may want to eventually populate.

Information warfare is a very effective tool being used by governments and corporations. They plant information on both sides to confuse and deceive. I believe that's what is happening here. The constant news coverage...the blow by blow accounting of the supposed nuclear meltdown is extremely reminiscent of the Gulf Oil spill news coverage. They are both ongoing edge of your seat horror reports. One side tells of imminent disaster and the supposed  "other side" tells of possible coverup and minimizing of damage. When the public hears about govt, oil companies etc trying to cover up...then usually they will also believe whatever other information is put out by those who are claiming a coverup. Say one faction wants to gain more money, power and control through the oil industry......then maybe as a method of doing this they would try to destroy other forms of energy which competes with them. I am certainly not saying that I am for nuclear energy...I am just trying to determine what the global power struggles may entail.

We know that corporate governments want to own the food supply, the water supply and the energy supply. I believe the whole global warming "story" is also a part of the energy wars. I have a hunch that our melting polar icecaps may be due to specific energy weapons in space. It may not be an arguement as to whether or not the icecaps are melting but the arguement may be.....WHAT is melting the icecaps. See other articles on this subject in the sidebar of this blog.Politicians have spoken of the positive gain through the melting icecaps. They have told of increased access to oil in the northern seas and trade routes have also opened up. How convenient! See articles in sidebar which talk about a newspaper article from the 1980s which tells of Russia's proposed plans to melt the icecaps in their northern regions.

OK...back to the insurance companies for a moment. The same type of nonsensical actions on the part of insurance companies is also taking place in the realm of disease. Insurance companies are not supporting true prevention. As with weather disasters and weather warfare, the insurance companies seem to be ignoring and possibly even preventing the knowledge from coming out which would help us prevent  chronic illness and supposedly save them money. I have definitely seen this with Lyme disease. Instead of preventing long term complications of Lyme disease by diagnosing and treating it properly.....long enough and strong enough and by identifying all the co-infections....antibiotics and or other truly preventative natural treatments are denied. As a consequence patients who are left inadequately treated will go on from specialist to specialist who then prescribes an almost infinite number of treatments which only treat the symptoms. This allows the underlying cause of disease to go untreated and results in chronic illness. Patients who become well are no longer making money for the drug companies.

All of this says to me that the insurance companies must have vested interests in the drug companies and possibly with any other corporations that would SEEM to be in competition with them.

When we watch the news we must keep in mind that the perpetrators play both sides of the information we receive. One side will sound like it is spewing the mainstream baloney and the other side will sound like it is exposing the first side. However, both seeming sides may be from the same source. Research Information Warfare to learn more about how we are being deceived.


  1. Why didn't the insurance people argue about how the WTC 1,2,7 fell...? Why did they pay 2.2B to the murderers /fraudsters/traitors of that day?

  2. That's a very good question.Your question makes the answer pretty obvious. We need to analyze all disasters in this light. Thankyou

  3. I believe investigation will reveal big oil and the nuclear industry are essentially owned by the same people. But the big profits are in fossil fuels, oil and gas. More and more nuclear power plants were scheduled to come on line in the next decade, reducing demand for fossil fuels which will soon skyrocket in price. It is like the auto companies made very little profit on their econo cars but huge profits on trucks and suvs. So what did they promote?

    As to insurance, you touched upon it. They make their money on investments, not premiums. If you were in their shoes, what would you invest in? If your investments are not paying well, you restrict claim payouts until they are. If people had low cost health options, why would they buy insurance?

    The companies who insured the WTC were tipped off ahead of time, made a killing in the stock market and were only too happy to pay the claims.

  4. conspiracy analystMarch 30, 2011 at 3:55 AM while keeping all of the above comments in mind...then they may be unnecessarily scaring the public as to radiation dangers in order to discourage future nuclear power. Maybe radiation leakage is under control or was never even a problem. I was listening to a speaker the other day who was saying that in order to be able to tell if there was radiation leakage, one would have to own a very expensive geiger counter....which usually are only owned by the nuclear power plants.

    Much of our deceptive scare mongering involves accidents or claims of danger that cannot be personally observed or monitored by the majority of the people.


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