Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Our sky the other day started out blue and as you can see the two contrails or chemtrails above are beginning to spread out. An hour or so later the whole sky was whited out. Rain was supposed to come in the next day. I don't think that these "chemtrails" necessarily DIRECTLY cause inclement weather but I am leaning more now towards the idea that these long lasting and spreading jet emissions are for the purpose of integrating plasma weapons with HAARP for the purpose of creating earthquakes and weather disasters.

People who are aware of the abnormal military jet traffic that spews out contrails which spread to cover the sky, often notice that these whiteouts of the sky, which eventually cause thin or thick cloud cover, always are extra busy right before storms. I used to think that they were creating the storms with these clouds. However, Now I feel that while chemtrails are still connected to weather creation, that the emissions are more for the creation of a plasma screen in the atmosphere which aids HAARP in transmitting their Extra Low Frequencies for the purpose of weather and tectonic warfare. I think that the reason they spray more heavily before a storm is to keep the levels of chemicals (the plasma screen) at a stable rate. Often when storm clouds break up after the precipitation, you can see chemtrail clouds above the storm clouds. Rain and snow would wash any chemicals involved in this weaponry.....down to the ground where they would not be of use...hence the consistent spraying from jet airplanes. In the northeast section of the United States, we are allowed only 2 days....and at the most, 3 days of totally blue sky before we have chemtrail spraying. Even some of these seemingly blue sky days are contrailed with an apparently different mixture of chemicals which only haze the sky....turning it a silvery blue. This could possibly have to do with the humidity factor or it could be the mix of the emissions.....and or maybe even different HAARP signals. Most likely DIRECT weather modification has more to do with individual weather modification companies which use smaller planes to spray into already formed clouds.

Concerning plasma screens in the they have the same properties as plasma screen TVs? TV is beginning to show holograms. Could holograms on Plasma  TV screens use the same mechanism of projection as a plasma screen in the atmosphere? Does HAARP and a plasma screen in the atmosphere have more than one purpose? Are many of our UFO sightings really holograms?

I also wondered why on basically clear days they would still spray but only directly around the sun. Does the sun degrade the necessary chemicals? Just a thought.
The video below was posted on Rumormill News which is what caused me to think more deeply about this subject. I had always suspected that HAARP was involved with chemtrails or that chemtrails had something to do with military communications but the video below has made it a bit more clear.

I just want to make one more comment before you watch this important video. We must be careful as to what solutions are presented to us when the world is under fear chaos and stress. George Herbert Walker Bush had once said that we must fashion a New World Order and that it should or would come about through the United Nations. We know that the purpose of The United Nations is to create world government. It is implied in the very title of this organization. Of course it is desirable for Nations to be peaceful and cooperative and respectful of each other BUT what is happening is certainly not peaceful. We are being tricked into thinking that corporations and modern greed is trashing our world(which is true in one respect). However, we are also being brainwashed into thinking that it is mainly our individual greed which is causing the current chaos in the world. In other words the perpetrators are THE ONES who are blaming the vicitms and will end up taxing us,making sweeping global laws....probably through the U.N. ... which will benefit them and not the people or the world as a whole. We will be their slaves. The video below mentions the criminal cabal as including the Clintons and the Bushes.

OK....what I think might happen...and I predicted this several years ago (along with others) is that perhaps these crimes of weather/tectonic warfare will come to light. Most of the truth will be revealed BUT.....I am afraid that the solution given to a world that will be experiencing extreme chaos....will be for the United Nations to step in and take control of these criminals and the disastrous situation that they created. I mentioned before you can hear George Bush in the video directly below saying that this desired New World Order will come to us through The United Nations. So....Beware of any attempt of the UN to implement global laws and taxes . The Bushes, Clintons, Rockefellers and whoever else is involved in CREATING this chaos will also be the ones benefitting. If they are intimately connected with the U.N then we do not want the U.N stepping in to solve the crises which were probably created by the very same people. very discerning....part of the New Age Religion is behind this deception of the UN bringing peace to the world.





  1. Thank you for a great article. I too live in Northeast, NY metro, and I've been a witness to a persistent spraying over the past several years that I've lived in the US. The last several months are the worst I've seen so far with barely a single day a week to go without a chemtrail.
    I also noticed a pattern in spraying vigorously before precipitations as well as spraying around the sun, in particular towards the late afternoon and evening. I've read some blogs that claim that the so-called second sun is most visible in the late afternoon hours and this might be one of the reasons to spray around the sun in that particular period of the day.
    I've also witnessed "sun dogs" quite often and even rainbow clouds as well as circles around the sun when the haze from chemtrais is thicker than usual.
    A lot of unusual activity in our area.

    Please, if you've not already cover "scalar" clouds in your blog, do so. This is another frequent occurrence in NY.


  2. Yes....I've also noticed the heavy spraying around the sun near sunset.Thanks for the thought....I have taken a couple pictures of what seem like scalar signatures and one photo is on this blog. But....because I think that this part of the issue is of such importance....I will be taking more photos of the scalar clouds. Thanks again for the idea


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