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Most people who are aware of how the people are being deceived by the media are also aware of Controlled Opposition and the various ways in which it operates.For those who are not clear as to what the goals and characteristics of controlled opposition are a few traits to look for. Mainstream media also uses these tactics because much of the so called alternative media is run by the same entities as the mainstream media.Due to this situation...of similar methods of operation, a person can often sense when alternative media is leading the public towards the controller's agenda.We may not always be sure what the exact agenda is but if we step back and observe the whole picture we are often able to sense that massive deception is taking place.A few of the methods used are:

1. Sensationalism

2. Moving forward from the premise that certain unproven "facts" are true even if these supposed facts can not be observed by most citizens.Then further developments in the story are based on these unproven "facts". Most people could not personally observe the oil in the Gulf or cannot now observe the supposed radiation.

3. "Not a matter of IF but WHEN". This mind conditioning slogan has been used over and over again. This is a buzzword that should put you on high alert for a future ORCHESTRATED event.For example, a couple of years before 9-11, we were repeatedly told that it was not matter of IF but WHEN a terrorist attack would happen on U.S. soil. 9-11 occurred and supposedly fulfilled their prediction.

4. Another tactic I've observed recently is the widely trusted alternative health media stating that it is absolute fact that radiation is spreading everywhere and anyone who says it is not or who questions this either very stupid, spreading info that will seriously threaten the environment, or has vested interests. This type of action discourages necessary questioning of any news media.It largely prevents rational analysis and discourse which is usually required to get to the truth.

5.Alarmist reporting: I am seeing this tactic being used extensively with the Fukushima incident.Some say that the mainstream media is understressing the claimed radiation disaster. Then the "alternative" media steps in and says...look how the mainstream media is hiding what is REAlly going on.So...even without our direct observation (in this case radiation is invisible) many of us end up believing the so-called alternative media because they APPEAR to be disagreeing with the mainstream media whom we know we don't trust.

6. Partial Truths: One reason that controlled opposition gains loyal followers is because they report around 95% Truth. Usually that 95% is what we have personally observed so this fraction of the controlled opposition reporting rings true to us.The other 5% or so of the controlled opposition's reporting includes their agenda....and usually ideas that we cannot personally observe or prove.Look for those ideas that you cannot observe and prove and analyze them from all angles.

I feel that instead of concentrating on too many of the details of each orchestrated disaster we need to STUDY the underlying methods used to deceive. When citizens learn these tactics or methods, they can personally apply them to any situation and therefore do not need to depend so heavily on alternative media gurus to be able to discern what is really taking place in the world.When evil/error/deception is uncovered, it begins to destroy itself. This is a very important statement. We don't have to fight against it, we only have to learn the deceptive techniques used. Then deception no longer deception and has no more power to control.

If any of you have other controlled opposition tactics to share, I'd love to add appropriate ones to the list.


  1. let me correct my 'anonymous'post - I have a name - its Joan. Your article was well-written with clarity and good use of logic and reason. It appears to be neutral, or am I deceiving myself ?
    My thinking is always cluttered with question marks - thats probably a good thing !

  2. Conspiracy AnalystApril 13, 2011 at 12:20 PM

    Hello Joan

    I'm not sure what you mean by neutral. Can you explain in what way you mean this?

    Often I will share my views on a news event but I think it is even more important to learn myself...and then share with others what I have learned and or experienced in regards to controlled opposition tactics. If people can learn how to discern the tactics of controlled opposition and other forms of deception for themselves, then there is much less worry about who to believe and who not to believe. It gives the power back to the people.

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  4. Could you tell me what sites you know are on the government side and not ours?

  5. Hello

    That is a difficult question. I would say that ANY site or radio show...etc...that has a huge following....usually has the support of govt. in some form. Many of the "Truthers" tell 95 % or so of the truth but there is always a part that is added to gain support for an agenda. What people need to do is to learn the tactics of deception. Get a feel for the way talk shows are delivered. Learn more about Neurolinguistic programming, mesmerism, hypnotism, propaganda...etc. Pray for guidance and intuition (with pure motives). I could tell you who or what I feel are lies, deception, controlled opposition but I could be wrong also so I like to encourage everyone to be their own source to go to for confirmation of whether something is true or not. We won't always be right but we definitely learn as we go along and develop a more discerning sense.We don't need media gurus....we have direct access to the answers if we seek them with a pure heart.

    If you read more of the articles on this blog you will see that I often don't take the popular sides of an issue. I often come to my own tentative conclusions which are usually somewhere in the middle....with a different twist.For example concerning the issue of the melting ice caps.....The usual two sides of the arguement warming caused by industrial emissions is causing the ice caps to melt. The other side will say there is no global warming or that if there is warming it is caused by natural earth cycles. I didn't choose either arguement but one day as different facts came to light, the thought came to me that certain factions are intentionally melting the ice caps. There is an article on this blog...The Intentional Melting of the Polar Ice Caps

    Also think more about the supposed radiation from Fukushima...spreading all over the world. Could there be another agenda behind the fearful rumors that radiation from this site is contaminating everything. Think about Agenda 21 and the desire to control the world food and water supply. The "popular"alternative media can be controlled opposition.

  6. I've been noticing this as well:
    That a lot of so-called "alternative" publications are usually simply catering to different niches more than actually truth-seeking or fact-based.


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