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The United Nations, world financiers, and environmentalists want to rewild the world. This means that  the human population may be reduced and the remainder relegated to specific allowed areas of the planet. This Wildlands Project stems from The Earth Summit which was held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. The formal name of this conference is "United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED). More and more land is being bought up and set aside. One world government is probably still the goal (control of the world by a few) and Agenda 21 may be one of the main plans or methods for bringing this about. Here is a quote you may be familiar with but think of it again in the context of the Japan earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear power plant dilema.

"The common enemy of humanity is man.
In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up
with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming,
water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these
dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through
changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.
The real enemy then, is humanity itself."

- Club of Rome,
premier environmental think-tank,
consultants to the United Nations

Personally I care very much about the environment and feel that we definitely need to clean up our act.

However, often important issues are USED by those in control in order to claim more money , power and control.

 There are many people who actually believe that you can accomplish 'Good" by evil means and then there are those who are in government who have psychopathic tendencies, which means they don't care about consequences, they do not possess normal feelings and compassion. So, in other words there are those who justify their actions by saying or believing that the END justiies the means. And then there are those who purport to care about the environment but really don't give a damn....and their high status and wealth expresses...or shows forth where their focus really lies.

IS there really a danger of radiation coming from the nuclear power plants in Japan? Could there be another scenerio....a deceptive scenerio with both sides being played using information warfare and controlled opposition?I feel it is likely that Hurricane Katrina, the earthquakes in Haiti, New Zealand, Japan and other recent earthquakes, have been caused by weather & tectonic weapons. There are rumors and news stories of California and even the east coast of the U.S being next. We've had the Movie Oil Storm come out on TV only 6 months before the real event. We have also had a movie of a tidal wave engulfing New York City but no actual disaster there yet..If these disasters are truly intentionally manmade events, what is the goal? What would be the purpose? Is it merely rogue elements of our Government which want to grab more resources.....or is it a much larger plan being set forth by global think tanks? 

"Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring that about?" Maurice Strong, Head of the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro

Could there be global cooperation at some level which is orchestrating and allowing these crimes against humanity AND the earth? Are they just using the excuse of environmentalism to grab more power and control and shape earth into one feudalistic empire?

We need to use our critical thinking and resist being swayed by the two or more sides of the media which is engaging in information warfare.OK.....let's just try out a different scenerio from what we are being told. What appears to be one side of the media is telling us partially what is happening in Japan. But remember videos can be faked, witnesses can be hired. I have called out on RMN for anyone REAL from Japan to give their version of what is happening. There was total silence. Then a you tube video comes out asking for disclosure of what is really happening. This video was supposed to have been filmed by a real person. It may have been but it may not have been. Apparently there WAS an earthquake and apparently there WAS a tidal wave.....but how much did it really damage the nuclear reactors? If this disaster was manmade, wouldn't you think that the same powers that MAY have created the earthquake  would have  prepared  the nuclear power plant ahead of time to be disaster proof? I was listening to a talk show that brought up the idea that radioactivity of course is invisible. They were also saying that normal affordable geiger counters could not evaluate the type of radiation that would be spewing from a nuclear power plant and that the only people who could really afford a professional nuclear geiger counter would be basically the power plants themselves.

If this is true, it could also follow that we could all be frightened into moving out of certain areas to avoid radiation that might not even be present. One alarmist video said that when people begin to get sick...this will be how we can tell if the radiation has spread. It is important to keep all scenerios in mind and not get stuck in any particular one. Biowarfare could be used to create sick people or even emf frequencies could possibly be used. I think it is definitely wise to support our immune systems but let's not do it out of fear. Common sense tells us that in a modern world where we are exposed to many different things......including our own choice of is wise to rest, eat healthy, excercise moderately and consume certain foods which can protect against radiation and other chemical or biological insults.From the reading I have done I feel that seaweeds and medicinal mushrooms both have very valuable properties in protecting against radiation....etc. This includes radiation from frequent dental xrays and other radiological medical tests.

We are hearing that parts of the east coast and the west coast will sink due to earthquakes and tidal waves. We have been conditioned to expect this by mystical predictions, TV shows and movies.There probably will be more earthquakes and tidal waves but recently something is telling me that there will most likely NOT be any disappearance of land. This may be a scare tactic being used, along with the wildfires and radiation scares for the purpose of relocating people to approved areas of the U.S. and other approved sections of the world. If certain sections of our country were eventually cordoned off and no one was allowed to travel to these areas....there would be no one to observe or to investigate as to whether the land was still there or whether or not it was uninhabitable due to radiation. If  the world financiers were trying to create a paradise and slave camp...I doubt they would intentionally pollute it with radiation that would also kill themselves and the animals and plants they would live on.. All of these disasters we are experiencing have the same flavor and the same reporting tactics. This radiation scare reminds me of the alarming oil spill media. Some people think that the oil spill was underplayed but if one looks closely it was played up to the hilt....especially that video of the oil gushing which I swear was on "repeat".

Controlled opposition plays both sides of the game. The one side says scary things but appears to avoid certain areas of the issue. Then the controlled opposition chimes in and says....oohhh....see how the government/corporations are not telling us the truth about how polluted everything has become from the oil spill. I tend to think the oil spill was a controlled psychological operation but I am not positive of that. What I do is continue to WATCH what their next steps are and if any patterns are followed in the media. Also look for hints of Agenda 21 rewilding efforts. Remember after Katrina how they relocated a massive number of people on buses and other forms of transport? I've heard that most of those relocated people have not returned.

This push for sustainability, spiritual dictatorship and a global monetary system is not about peace and love but about global governance and control over every aspect of our lives. This agenda has been wrapped up in a package promising such worthy outcomes of spiritual enlightenment and world peace. Spiritual progress and peace can only begin within each one of us...through life experiences and personal seeking of the kingdom of God (spiritual truths)..... and can never be attained through some mass experience

The video directly below is coming from a Christian standpoint. If you are not Christian, it doesn't matter. Gary Kah reveals how ALL religions are being watered down and the goal is to bring them all together into one religion....a global government standardized religion. Whatever happened to freedom of religion? We have been brainwashed to think that world's greatest religious teachings have caused all our division and all of our wars. We need to realize that it is NOT the teachings that cause this but it is governmental intrusion and brainwashing that sets one religion against another and causes wars. This being fairly obvious...then why on earth would we ever want any government...never mind a WORLD government dictating what we can believe? I am bringing up the religious aspect and posting Gary Kah's video below because The New World Order that everyone claims to fear ...also includes parts of the New Age movement. It's in the same package as the environmental movement, depopulation and all aspects of globalization. Who would ever want a global dictatorship? There would be no place to turn.....the biggest form of monopoly.

The alternative news presents and promotes conflicting ideas and agendas. On the one hand they say BEWARE of THE NEW WORLD ORDER and beware of the United Nations but then in the second breath the U.N agenda is promoted by saying we need a One World Religion through the U.N. How nonsensical is that?

To sum things up.....the Elite are coming at us from all angles, promoting the reality, worship and fear of aliens, they are behind this 2012 enlightenment and raising of conciousness (becoming ONE),much of the environmental movement is connected also. I am almost convinced that the latest disaster in Japan has been orchestrated by this same entity. I also feel that it is very possible that the crisis involving the nuclear power plant is a controlled crisis. The only way to know is to follow the news and see where it brings us.

The book which opened my eyes to much of this, including the role of Gorbachev, is called The New World Religion by Gary Kah

Below are two articles I have written that describe my experience with Gorbachev and a visit to Costa Rica where there appeared to be very few NATIVE old people




  1. Provocative and well written. Certainly it does have validity as something to consider. The prophetic sci-fi genius Philip K Dick wrote a book on this exact theme entitled The Penultimate Truth.
    In that book humanity was working in underground camps producing robots for the war with the aliens which had rendered the surface uninhabitable.
    One brave man goes in search of the truth. This book is well worth reading for those interested in such ideas.

  2. Yes, it is EXTREMELY odd that there is virtually NOTHING coming from the people themselves within Japan. These 127 million people have probably got a couple hundred million cameras, have internet access, relatives overseas, and there is virtually nothing to be seen or heard in the news media or on the internet from the common people. There is something very fishy going on here.

    Just what percentage of these events are psy-ops and social manipulations cannot be determined at this time because of lack of facts, but one thing is certain, and that is that a reasonable person can't believe a damn thing they see or hear, and can only draw conclusions on the basis of real, sometimes incidental, numerous facts that actually and eventually do slip through (as with the fraud and psy-op of 911).

    The intentions of these globalists are well known, the specific mechanisms to achieve these ends are multiple and varied. But it is good to keep in mind the words of Mikhail Gorbachev: "The threat of environmental crisis will be the 'international disaster key' that will unlock the New World Order."

  3. I listen to many alternative media outlets and have noticed the tendency to obfuscate every issue of importance, provide an overload of information and yet fail to pinpoint the real enemies and traitors in our midst. I assume the goal is to wear us all down and make us give up the good fight.


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