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Modern technology sucks us in. It promises us convenience, safety, health, and coolness or sophistication. The latest technologies that we find in Iphones...etc tantalize me also, however, I have now begun to see where it is leading and I'm not going to follow that path. I was listening to a talk show the other day...Truth in 7 Minutes with Markus Allen  The host brought up the idea that the much feared microchip might not be implemented in the manner we have been conditioned to fear. We will probably be controlled and monitored by something that advertising makes us think we need and be fit in to society and to get along better in the workplace.Markus mentioned that near future technology will actually have phones that run off the power of our bodies. This would mean that we would be connected to our phones, either by wires or just the close proximity of our bodies to our phones. Cell least Verizon cell phones... already have tracking chips and are connected to the global positioning system. This high tech system can send and receive signals.

The article below from Science Daily gives just a tiny sample of what is in store for us if we willingly go along with the plan of Transhumanism. This article however only shares what they describe as benefits. If the applications below are now possible, imagine what else could be in our future. Let's take the name of Android phone and analyze the meaning. Actually, it doesn't take much analyzing, the meaning and intention is really pretty straight forward. A definition from ... "Android" An automation in the form of a human being."

Biosensors will be placed in the body As you can see they are not using the word microchip as that term may already have negative connotations. The word "interface" is also used in connection with this technology. Interface means to bring together, to connect or mesh. The body is being meshed with technology. This translates directly into transhumansim. The name of the company's technology is Human++ BAN (Body Area Network). First of all H+ stands for transhumanism or Human +...meaning improving on the human being. I can only imagine what H++ means in relation to the IMEC and Holst Centre.

One other point...even if corporate/government intentions were really benign, we have no real evidence that the power sources used and intermingling with the body's energy field...would be safe. Would we be able to maintain our identity with some external energy force meshing with our energy? Would the enticement of sophistication, supposed safety and convenience trick us into giving up our souls? This is a very serious issue and needs to be widely addressed.

I have not read the following book but it deals with the subject we are discussing. I don't necessarily go along with the Kindle idea even though it saves trees. I worry that books will become obsolete and that the content of books can be changed and electronically controlled and even extinguished. Just like 1984 folks! Beware....and don't get sucked in.
Revolve: Man's Scientific Rise to Godhood

Monitoring Your Health With Your Mobile Phone

ScienceDaily (Oct. 11, 2010) — Imec and Holst Centre, together with TASS software professionals have developed a mobile heart monitoring system that allows to view your electrocardiogram on an Android mobile phone. The innovation is a low-power interface that transmits signals from a wireless ECG (electrocardiogram or heart monitoring)-sensor system to an android mobile phone.

With this interface, imec, Holst Centre and TASS are the first to demonstrate a complete Body Area Network (BAN) connected to a mobile phone enabling reliable long-term ambulatory monitoring of various health parameters such as cardiac performance (ECG), brain activity (EEG), muscle activity (EMG), etc. The system will be demonstrated at the Wireless Health Conference in San Diego (US, October 5-7).
The aging population, combined with the increasing need for care and the rising costs of healthcare has become a challenge for our society. Mobile health, which integrates mobile computing technologies with healthcare delivery systems, will play a crucial role in solving this problem by delivering a more comfortable, more efficient and more cost-efficient healthcare. Body Area Networks (BAN) are an essential component of mHealth. BANs are miniaturized sensor networks; consisting of lightweight, ultra low-power, wireless sensor nodes which continuously monitor physical and vital parameters. They provide long-term monitoring, while maintaining user mobility and comfort. For example patients who are no longer compelled to stay in a hospital could be monitored at home.

The newly-developed low-power interface wirelessly transmits bio-signals retrieved by imec and Holst Centre's Human++ BAN sensor nodes to an Android mobile phone where the data are collected, stored, processed, and sent over the internet to make them available for authorized users such as a physician. The interface is based on a standard Secure Digital Input Output (SDIO) interface on Android mobile phones, enabling the integration of all the features available on Google's operating system (SMS, e-mail and data transmission over the internet, GPS to track user location).

Moreover, the mobile phone's hardware is extended to operate with low-power communication protocols and low-power radios, enabling long-term medical telemonitoring. As the interface is based on the Linux kernel, the system is also easily portable on other Linux-based devices, such as PDA's or laptops. And, the system allows configuration of thresholds on the measured parameters and automatic sending of alerts such as SMS messages and e-mails based on these values.

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